Playing with Snow, 3 - 2007

Playing With Snow - 3

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American Art Collector book
(years 2007-2016)
Playing with Snow - 3   Falling    Blanc de Titane   A Trout's Rainbow
La Chaleur Disséminée de Rouge   Silvered Bells -   Selva del Loro Pez   Luz - Helecho
Beauty in the Deficit - White Poppy       Rojo Brillante
These paintings were featured in the
International Contemporary Artists, Vol 3 book

Violet Profond      Petunias Pastel
These paintings are featured in the
Open Studio Press Studio Visit, Vol 19 book and/or Winter 2013 edition

Blanc Delicat
(Vol 19)
Verdoyant Vert
(Vol 19)
Beauty in the Deficit - Vines
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