Playing with Snow, 3 - 2007

Playing With Snow - 3

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These paintings were featured in the
American Art Collector book
(years 2007-2016)
Playing with Snow - 3   Falling    Blanc de Titane   A Trout's Rainbow
La Chaleur Disséminée de Rouge   Silvered Bells -   Selva del Loro Pez   Luz - Helecho
Beauty in the Deficit - White Poppy       Rojo Brillante
These paintings were featured in the
International Contemporary Artists, Vol 3 book

Violet Profond      Petunias Pastel
These paintings are featured in the
Open Studio Press Studio Visit, Vol 19 book, Winter 2013 edition, and 2017 edition

Blanc Delicat
(Vol 19)
Verdoyant Vert
(Vol 19)
Beauty in the Deficit - Vines
Alice's Orchids



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Beauty in the Deficit - Vines Beauty in the Deficit - Aspen Beauty in the Deficit - Yellow Marguerites Beauty in the Deficit - Teacup Peony
Ginger Roja Blazing Dahlia's Estrella de Mar El Luto Mariposa de Capa
Ramillete du Cumpleanos Through a Glass Darkly El Vuelo Modela Oil Well
Derrame en Color Bet the World on a Long Shot Blossomtime Blues Freeform Freesias
Lily Fire Lyrical Lisianthus Night Brights Playing with Snow - 4
Rose Fire Parrot Plant Riot in Purple and Red Hibiscus Shade
Roses Truly Green Sunrise Sunflower Tulip Feathers Warm and Dry
The Gold Standard Falling The Effect Of Light A Trout's Rainbow
Iconic Ranunculus Playing with Snow - 3 Hydrangea Spots Blue Velvet
Orchid's Jungle Triptych - Purples By the Sea -  First Triptych - Purples By the Sea -  Middle Triptych - Purples By the Sea -  Last
Verdoyant Vert Playing with Snow - 1 Les Profondeurs de Jaune Les Prondeurs de Rouge
Violet Profond  Narcissus Jubilee Playing with Snow - 2 The Incredible Lightness of Hydrangeas
Playing with Snow and Shades of a Rainbow En Circulo De Vida Hoja Roja Majestuosa Los ojos del Chachalaca
Libelula Flora Pequena Poderosa La Fronda Ondeante Eliana
Night-Fall Fruits of Summer Gladiola Storm Bougainvillea Bleeds
Playing with Snow - 5 Warrior Angel Jaune Chaud El Violin Del Helecho
La Chaleur Dissmine de Rouge Le Flux Refroidissement de Bleu Papa Iguana Bebe Iguana
Flora Delicada Pez Amarillo Playing with Snow From the Inside Out Endroits Rouges
Spotted Chub (Chopa) Blue Striped Snapper Doblar las Hojas La Racha de Una Garceta
Ruth Oro Verdadero El Sol de un Colibri Through a Glass Darkly
El Fin De Noche Tapiz de la Cubera Rayas Revelation 7:14 Amarillo Diminuto Florece
Beauty in the Deficit - Calla Lilies Angel of Peaces Hoja Elegante Tesoro
Conchita #uno Conchita #dos Conchita #tres El Mosaico del Cielo
La Geometria de un \ Cuando el Bebe Tortugas Jugar Luz - Helecho Throat Spotted Blenny
Goby Selva del Loro Pez Beauty in the Deficit - Yellow Falling PHI
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