Artist Statement - Lisa Ambler

Constantly painting and drawing since a very young age, I have also been fortunate to study under David Leffel, Quang Ho, Kim Mackey, Bart Lindstrom, John Budicin and John Hagen. Because my life continues to be filled with enough hardship to take nothing for granted, enough joy to thrive and a significant number of miracles, I strive to inspire hope through every painting. Bright or soft, a mix of colors makes me happy so my paintings are color-full. Variety is fun for me so I alternately work with oils, pastels, colored pencils, inks, and watercolors in many sizes. I am currently working in the distracted realism style: paintings with recognizable forms that are neither entirely realistic nor completely abstract, a new type of art I’ve invented to satisfy my desire for creativity and the decorative needs of clients. Given a specific size and color scheme, I can create commissioned works for any décor. It is my equal joy to paint and then to see my work at home in
another’s environment. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to
fashion unique works of art that will become a part of life.

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